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bins rubbish collection Gillingham binSome residents in the Gillingham and Shaftesbury areas will be getting letters from Dorset Council shortly explaining that their bin collection days will soon be changing.

The changes, which will take place from early June, will affect a minority of residents in North Dorset.

Rubbish and recycling collection will still take place on alternate weeks as currently. Food waste will also still be collected every week but this may be by a separate vehicle.

The changes could mean that some rubbish will not be collected until later in the allocated day.

But the council insists: ‘There will be no reduction in service.’

Dorset Council says that the changes are being made to make the service more ‘efficient and cost-effective’.

The letters are due to go out to residents over the next few weeks and the council says that if people have not received a letter by early June they can assume that their service is unaffected by the changes.

The council is telling North Dorset residents:

‘Your bins may be emptied by more than one crew at different times on your collection day.

‘Larger vehicles have separate compartments for different waste types, so rest assured your rubbish/recycling/food waste is still being kept separated.

‘Our crews often use a “service bin” to gather up food waste or glass – this looks like a regular wheelie bin.

‘Garden waste and business collections are mostly unaffected by these changes, but we will write to customers separately if their arrangements are changing.

‘If you suspect one/some of your bins have been missed, please leave them out and wait until 4pm before reporting to us.’

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