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Dorset Council has just launched two new guides to help homeowners, tenants and landlords. The first guide advises on how to tackle damp, condensation and mould issues which can appear, or get worse, when it gets colder. The other new guide explains how to resolve on-going safety or repair issues with rented homes.

As the temperature drops, problems with damp, condensation or mould can appear in the home. The new guide provides advice on how to identify and control these common problems. It’s a practical step-by-step guide to recognising what’s causing the problem and what to do to prevent and control damp, condensation or mould.

The guide explains the importance of keeping a home well maintained, properly heated, ventilated and insulated to help prevent problems.

The guide explains what tenants need to do if they feel their home is in disrepair or their heating or ventilation isn’t adequate. If, after they’ve taken the steps outlined in the leaflet and the landlord still hasn’t acted, the Council can provide further advice and help.

The guide on controlling damp, condensation and mould can be downloaded at www.dorsetcouncil.gov.uk/damp.

Any tenant struggling to get their landlord to make their home safe or do necessary repairs can get advice from the new Housing Standards guide.

Keeping a rented home up to a good standard is a joint effort between tenant and landlord. Landlords are required to make sure that the homes they rent are in good repair, safe and in good condition. The new Housing Standards guide explains how to report a problem and what tenants need to do. The guide gives useful information and advice on how to resolve on-going problems if a landlord is not taking action.

The Housing Standards guide is available at www.dorsetcouncil.gov.uk/report-housing-conditions .

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