Gillingham News – Advertising Terms and Conditions

1. Advertisements must conform to the British Code of Advertising Practice and must accurately reflect the product and or service being advertised.

2. Advertisements are subject to the publisher’s approval and must always be recognisable as such and not resemble editorial matter.

3. All claims made in advertisements must be capable of being supported by appropriate evidence and must be made available to the publisher upon request.

4. Advertisements should be in line with the policies and ethos of Gillingham News [the trading name of R & M media Agency hereafter ‘the publishers’]. As such certain types of advert and promotions may not be permitted within the newspaper.

5. The publication of an advertisement by the publishers does not constitute endorsement of the advertiser, its products or services.

6. Space reserved by an advertiser must be paid in full where the advertisement is not published due to an act or omission by the advertiser. This includes advert copy that arrives after publication deadline date.

7. The publishers reserves the right to increase advertisement rates at any time or to amend the terms and conditions at any time.

8. The publishers will not be liable for any loss or damage caused by amendment, error, late publication or non-publication from any cause whatsoever.

9. The publishers will not accept liability for any error on the part of third parties or inaccurate copy instructions.

10. The publishers reserve the right to publish the most appropriate copy should copy instructions not be received by the stipulated time.

11. Artwork should be supplied as an electronic image file, via email to or on CD and posted to the above address, in the following formats: tiff, jpeg, eps, PDF, scaled to print size at 300 dpi (indicate if image is layered). Alternatively, supplied as an InDesign or Quark Express file (with relevant fonts and images, logos etc. included). Gillingham News also offers an in-house design service: copy set and prepared by our production team.

12. Payment for all advertisements is due on the 15th of the month of the publication in which the relevant advert appears. Credit can be extended subject to satisfactory credit checks.

13. By signing the booking form, you commit to the space reserved and agree to the terms and conditions of booking herewith.

14. We regret cancellations cannot be accepted after booking. Space reserved for which no artwork or copy is received by copy deadline date will be charged at the agreed rate as stated on the booking form.

15. Repeat adverts. If Gillingham News is asked to repeat an advert, we will always use the most recent copy published unless instructed otherwise.

16. Series bookings are subject to a discount. Cancellation of the series at anytime will

result in the forfeiture of the discount and may be charged retrospectively on any previous adverts which benefited from the discount.

17. Neither the publisher or its contractors and sub-contractors shall be liable for any consequential loss arising from non-publication of advert or from any errors or omissions contained in published copy/advert.

18. Material which in the publishers’ opinion could be considered offensive to readers will be censored or omitted from the publication. Where possible you will be advised to supply alternative copy.