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With a general election apparently imminent, the Brexit Party has announced its prospective parliamentary candidate for North Dorset.

Tim Page, currently a farmer in Wiltshire following a long career as an international corporate and
commercial lawyer, will contest the constituency at the next election – which could be as soon as 15 October – against the incumbent MP Simon Hoare, whom the Brexit Party describe as an ‘arch-remainer’.

Mr Page said: ‘Like so many I am incensed by what has happened in the UK since we voted to leave the EU in the 2016. It offends our sense of fair play, undermines our trust in politicians, civil servants and the voting-system and is destructive of that bedrock of our society, our democracy. To think that the Mother of Parliaments is peopled by
anti-democratic, careerist party functionaries, not respecting a people’s vote, defies belief.’

He added: ‘The country is, and always has been, an open, outward-looking trading nation, once democracy is restored our future post-Brexit is bright and exciting, a fit nimble economy for the twenty-first century open to the world, benefitting all those who live and work here. I will work tirelessly in the interests of all of those in North Dorset.’

Though under current legislation the next election is not due until 2022, it is widely expected that if prime minister Boris Johnson’s government is defeated today, Tuesday 3 September, by an alliance of Labour MPs and Conservative MPs seeking to block a no deal Brexit, then it will seek to hold an election, as early perhaps as 15 October.

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  1. Phil Wilson
    3 September 2019 at 12:34 pm — Reply

    So, much like its party leader we have yet another member of the corporate elite trying to con us into diving headlong into a disastrous no deal Brexit. I hope the people of North Dorset will not be fooled! One thing is for certain it won’t be Tim Page who suffers when our economy is dealt a grievous blow by a cavalier withdrawal from a lucrative trading arrangement with our European Partners.
    I hope the people of North Dorset will see through this proposed outrage and send Mr Page back to his farm in Wiltshire.

    • Clive Medway
      5 September 2019 at 2:08 pm — Reply

      A farmer who is also a retired solicitor cannot be remotely be regarded as a member of ‘the corporate elite’ but rather, like many more, an able person with sincere convictions. I suppose we have to prepare ourselves for the stock phrase derogatory attacks of those who cannot abide keeping a democratic promise.

  2. Laurian Snowden
    22 September 2019 at 4:50 pm — Reply

    Tim Page,

    I wish you well we need to see full reform, the tables need to be thrown over – the House is a den of iniquity with slaves to the cause. Ravenous wolves have entered, justice, fairness and accountability have been thrown to the wind and our people have so suffered – the sick, the disabled and the vulnerable. I personally, as a disabled pensioner have seen and felt the destruction. For almost 5 yrs I have been through the courts seeking justice and recompense, and got nothing but more expense. This has to stop, ordinary basic tax payers can not afford true justice for over paid paper pushers, using systems of repetitive delays and much gobbing and not enough doing. From the top down the system stinks. (North Dorset Constituent).

  3. John
    25 September 2019 at 6:23 pm — Reply

    There is nothing lucrative about our trading relationship with the EU. A massive negative.

  4. Howard Parfitt
    3 November 2019 at 6:04 am — Reply

    Turn away from the dark side. Turn to PAGE! I will not be voting for a Remainer dressed in Leave clothing, and someone who was elected to represent the people of North Dorset but has done everything they could to thwart the will of the same people who put him in power, and even voting to take no deal off the table!

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