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This is a free classified adverts service for the benefit of our readers in Gillingham, surrounding areas and the rest of North Dorset.

R & M Media Agency, owner of www-gillingham-news.co.uk, reserves the right to edit or exclude any advert in order to comply with advertising guidelines or house style.

If you are offering for sale or buying a child car seat or cycle helmet please first read the following ROSPA guidelines. https://www.rospa.com/Home-Safety/Advice/Product/Second-hand-Goods.aspx

Prohibited adverts and terms

Advertisements and terms that are not eligible for our classified advertisement section:

– Firearms/weapons/ knives including ornamental, antique or replica
– Tobacco and alcoholic products
– Mobile phones
– Recruitment
– Adverts to sell/give away animals/pets
– Any animal products such as items made from fur, ivory
– Wanted adverts
– Holiday homes to let/sell
– Personal notices
– Any adverts that carry price comparisons e.g. ‘New £1,000 will accept £25’ as this can be judged to be misleading.
– Use of the words ‘new’ or ‘brand new’ cannot be used. However, the phrases ‘like new’ or ‘as new’ are okay.
– Commercial/trade advertisers – please contact us

General terms

a) All advertisements shall be legal decent honest and truthful and must comply with the British Code of Advertising Practice and all other codes under the general supervision of the Advertising Standards Authority and the requirements of current legislation
b) R & M Media Agency reserves the right to classify certain types of advertisements as profit – making ventures and therefore not private advertisements
c) The advertiser guarantees that the advertisement does not contravene the provisions of the Trade Descriptions Act 1968.
d) No guarantee is given as to position of advertisement or its date of insertion
e) No liability is accepted for errors or misprints within any advertisement or any omission of advertisement nor for any failure in the distribution of any edition of the newspaper
f) Any decision as to acceptance or not of any copy shall be at the publisher’s (R & M Media Agency) entire discretion
g) Any advertiser shall indemnify the publisher in respect of all costs damages or other claims falling on the online publication as a result of the publication of any copy placed by such advertiser
h) The publisher reserves the right to edit the text or refuse to print ads thought to be of a nature to cause offence

Get in touch

To place a free classified advertisement please  contact us.

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