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Organisers in Dorset of the campaign to allow three child refugees a year to settle in this county and all other local authorities have welcomed backing from county councillors.

Dorset county councillors voted unanimously to give their support to the local safe Passage campaign which aims to replicate the so-called ‘KinderTransport’ initiative 80 years ago this year when Britain took in 10,000 child refugees fleeing Nazi persecution in Europe.

Organisers want local authorises across Britain to each take in three child refugees a year for ten years – which would amount to 10,000 children across the country.

Dorset County Council’s backing ‘in principle’ for the move will not bind its successor Dorset Council when that comes into being next April.

But campaigners hope that DCC’s support will persuade the new council to agree to take in the refugee children, using funding provided by national government.

‘I’m delighted the vote was unanimous,’ said local Safe Passage campaigner Bernard Sullivan, from Bourton, who led a 12-person deputation to speak to councillors about the campaign, following a motion proposed by local county councillor Andrew Cattaway.

Anyone wanting to get involved in the campaign can visit the group’s Facebook page  or email Bernard Sullivan directly at  bernardsullivan2001@gmail.com.

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