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North Dorset Labour Party has described Dorset County Council’s decision to vote against recommendations made by police and emergency services with regards the A350/ C13, as ‘reckless’.

During the consultation period, police and emergency services had recommended weight restrictions on vehicles travelling along the C13, where earlier this year an on-call ambulance travelling through Melbury Abbas was delayed by half an hour due to a jam with a lorry coming the other way.

But on 6 December the Conservative-run cabinet voted instead to maintain the current advisory system for HGVs travelling southbound along the C13 and Northbound along the A350.

Pat Osborne, Chair of North Dorset Labour Party said: ‘We recognize that there isn’t a quick and easy solution that will please everyone living along both routes, but it’s reckless of the Conservative cabinet not to give more weight to the advice of the police and emergency services.

‘A half an hour delay for an ordinary road user is an inconvenience. For someone waiting on the emergency services to arrive, it could be life or death.’

On 6 December Dorset County Council Cabinet 6 December, to keep the current advisory system but with proposed mitigation measures. This means HGVs will continue to be advised to use the A350 northbound, towards Shaftesbury, and the C13 southbound, towards Blandford.

At the time Councillor Daryl Turner, Cabinet member for the natural and built environment, said: ‘We will continue to involve all the blue light services and residents as we move this option forward. We will also continue to monitor the situation and ensure that these new measures are having the desired effect.’

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  1. Graham
    12 December 2017 at 1:05 pm — Reply

    Nothing bigger than a van should be routed through C13 at Dinahs Hollow. To ignore the emergency services’ views shows an appalling lack of consideration for these lifesavers and the communities they serve.

  2. justin sanford
    12 December 2017 at 5:35 pm — Reply

    so typical of a tory council,ignore the experts………….

  3. Dave
    15 December 2017 at 12:03 am — Reply

    This route has been a problem for for over 20 years or more!.. and the best the council can come up with is HGVs through Melbury Abbas!.. C class rd, 4 metres wide and a 1:6 hill.. absolute joke…
    and now ignoring the blue light services advice in their own report.
    anyone would think a member of the Cabinet lived on the A350??

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