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The newly-formed ‘Greener Gillingham’ group has decided to collect some of the waste that cannot be recycled in the usual way to be sent on to Terracycle.

Terracycle – which brands itself as a global leader in recycling hard-to-recycle materials – break it down and re-mould it to make construction materials.

terracyle Gillingham‘Many of us have become steadily more aware of how much we throw away. Council doorstep recycling schemes take a percentage of our waste but they do not deal with many of the wrapping materials we buy with products,’ says organiser Mandy Greenwood.

There will be a collection point on the first and third Saturday mornings of each month. This will be at Chantry Community Office (next to the public library), from 9 – 11.30 a.m.

Currently only the following items can be accepted at this collection point:

• Crisp packets

• Confectionery wrappers

• Bread bags

• Biscuit and cake bar wrappers

• Peanut, pretzel and popcorn packets

Only clean and dry items can be accepted so please check them before leaving home.

For more information

visit: www.terracycle.co.uk

or email:  greenergillingham@gmail.com

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