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Pat Osborne has been reselected as Labour’s parliamentary candidate for North Dorset.

North Dorset Labour Party believes that Pat, who came second in the 2017 General Election, is currently the only local person standing in North Dorset from any political party.

Mr Osborne, who grew up in Gillingham and now lives in Blandford with his wife and their young family, said: ‘People in North Dorset don’t need someone coming down from London, or Paris, or Brussels, or anywhere else, telling us what’s good for us.

‘Whether we’ve always lived here, or found home here more recently, we’re quite capable of figuring out what’s best for our communities, and we’re quite capable of standing on our own two feet – so long as we’re given the same chances as everyone else.’

Mr Osborne, who is Chair of the Blandford Forum Town Council’s Climate Change Working Group and is a founding member of ‘Blandford War on Waste’, continued: ‘All we’re asking for is our fair share of adequately funded public services and regional investment – in line with adequate funding that would be received by properly supported urban communities, or by those communities that are being promised windfalls from the current government because they need their votes to cling to power.

‘We’ve always proven quite capable of pulling together as a community and doing the rest.
What’s needed is someone with strong roots in our community and a stake in our future to be a local voice for North Dorset in Westminster, and not the other way around. Otherwise we’ll continue to be overlooked and left behind.
That’s what I offer. A local voice for North Dorset.’


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