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Dorset Police has been alerted to reports of individuals being contacted and told that a loved one has been involved in an accident and is in need of surgery, for which they have to pay for.

Two reports have been received in which the callers, described as foreign sounding men, gave personal details of the alleged injured party and local road names around the area.

Money was requested to cover medical interventions at Poole Hospital, Dorset.

Both incidents transpired to be false claims and were attempts to fraudulently obtain money.

Detective Sergeant Andrew Kennard, of the Economic Crime Unit, said: ‘This is a nasty fraud whereby people are being taken advantage of at their most emotionally vulnerable time.

‘I urge residents to be aware. Tell your loved ones, your neighbours and your colleagues. If you receive a call like this, take details and make your own enquiries. Call your loved one and check they are ok. It is important you do this using the number you have stored in your contacts. Please do not use the previously received call log number as this could potentially take you back through to the fraudster.’

For information and advice about scams in Dorset, go to the Fraud Alert page of Dorset Police’s website – dorset.police.uk/fraud.

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