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Mike Gosden, a resident of Church View, Gillingham, is calling for local people to send him their thoughts and observations about the ongoing roadworks on Le Neubourg Way  where work is resuming.

Mike, who has been keeping a very close eye on them since they started earlier in the year, says workmen and staff at Dorset Council have got used to him expressing his opinions.

le neubourg way roadworks gillingham
The roadworks at Le Neubourg Way, Gillingham. Photo Mike Godsen.

He has made the following comment about the roadworks following a recent accident there.

‘On April 9 I sent an email to the council that made the point that the way the works had been left after the lockdown was put in place was “An accident waiting to happen”. Nothing of any real significance was done to correct the problems I had highlighted.

‘I think that they way the works have been managed is appalling and did make some sort of significant accident almost certain to happen. A number of Church View residents have had very close shaves when crossing the main road in recent weeks.

‘Sadly there has now been an accident, which took place last Thursday 23 April and which the police are still investigating.

‘All of us in Gillingham need to keep a very close eye on how things go in the coming months – we have been informed that the works will recommence in the next few days.

‘So I have set up an e-mail address, dorsetgill230420@outlook.com, for the purpose of gathering information about last week’s incident – and also general and, where appropriate, specific information about the way the road works have been handled over the last few months. Can anyone with any information please keep me informed via this address. I am not on Facebook.

I will submit anything relevant to Gillingham News.

I will be interested to see what arrives in the inbox.’

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