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Youngsters with scooters are scaling buildings in Gillingham to scoot from one rooftop to another, councillors have been told.

Gillingham School and the Masonic Lodge in Station Road have reported incidents of this form of ‘extreme scooting’ and following concerns by members of the Masonic Lodge, Dorset County Council has painted the lamp post close by the Masonic Lodge building with anti-climb paint to prevent access to the roof.

Members of the general purposes committee were also told that managers at the RiversMeet leisure centre were worried about the number of footballs being kicked up on the roof and retrieved by youngsters, some of whom were possibly also climbing up as a dare or as part of the ‘free running’ craze.

A report prepared for councillors said: ‘The police are aware of youngsters climbing other buildings in the town to access roofs as a form of “sport”: “extreme scooting” or “free running”.’

It continued: ‘Part of the leisure centre roof is fragile and in need of repairs. Anyone climbing the roof is at risk from injury. RiversMeet have contacted their insurance company and will be applying anti-climb paint and erecting ‘Do Not Climb’ signs’.’

Councillors agreed to defer any action until staff had spoken to the council’s insurers about the issue.

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  1. angie
    4 September 2017 at 9:43 pm — Reply

    Whilst I don’t agree with the youngsters doing this on public buildings for safety and intrusion (if I may call it that?) could the council not consider raising funds to build a tactical course (maybe army designed) for these youngsters? Or send out a questionnaire too the schools and ask what the youngsters would like too see being built or done? The majority of the youngsters I have come across just want to have fun; yes you will get the minority that cause mayhem but the good one shouldn’t be penalized because of it.

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