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An emergency meeting of Shaftesbury Town Council last night agreed to spend up to £10,000 for an urgent survey of traffic and pedestrians using the A350/A30 through the town in the hopes of stopping North Dorset District Council removing the bypass corridor from the Local Plan.

NDDC is threatening to take the corridor out of the plan and offer the land for housing if Dorset County Council does not commit to building the bypass by 2033.

The council is hoping the survey will prove that the volume of traffic using the A350/A30 – known locally as Christy’s Lane – is now so high as to be dangerous for pedestrians, particularly schoolchildren, making the bypass essential.

NDDC is consulting on its latest Local Plan for development in the area until 22 January. It is holding a public exhibition in Shaftesbury town hall today (29 Nov) and in Gillingham leisure centre on December 5.

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  1. Helen English
    2 December 2017 at 3:32 pm — Reply

    I think it is very important that there is a bypass constructed along the corridor between the A350 and the A30 to the north of the town, to relieve congestion on Christy’s Lane which will only get worse and more dangerous over the coming years with the increase in the population and higher levels of traffic.

  2. Rachel
    14 December 2017 at 4:33 am — Reply

    Why was this not advertised …ive have only just seen this…the volume since I have lived here for 30 plus years is now excessive especially rush hour and now adds upto 20 mims travelimg time through shafyesbiry due to vokume in that area

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