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The new franchise holder for the Exeter to Waterloo rail services is holding a consultation on planned timetable changes it will be introducing in December.

Many of the changes do not directly affect passengers using the station at Gillingham.

But the rail is promising faster journey times between the North Dorset station and London.

‘We will … accelerate journeys on a number of our routes, including, London to Southampton, Bournemouth, Weymouth, Portsmouth, Salisbury, Exeter, Farnham and Alton,’ says Andy Mellors managing director of South Western Railway.

The consultation document also says there there are ‘extra services’ and ‘revised stopping patterns’ on the Waterloo – Salisbury – Exeter route.

Mr Mellors says he hopes rail users will give their views on the planned timetable.

‘It is really important that we receive feedback on our proposals, whether positive or otherwise, in order that we implement a timetable which best meets the requirements of our existing customers, potential customers and the communities which we serve,’ he says.

Below are the main features as outlined in the consultation. Follow this link for the proposed timetable. The full consultation document is here.

The consultation process ends on 22 December 2017.

The email address to send comments to is: timetable.feedback@swrailway.com


Part of the consultation document from South Western Railway:

Table 160 London – Salisbury – Yeovil and Exeter

Reduced journey times and extended services are the main changes to services on this route. Yeovil Pen Mill continues be served, on an experimental basis, by several services per day either as through services from Waterloo or as a shuttle service from Yeovil Junction. Dilton Marsh will now be served by some of these services.

There are more evening services to Salisbury. Train service formations west of Salisbury have been increased to target known overcrowding.

Please also refer to the question posed over Woking or Clapham Junction stops.

Details of services to Yeovil Pen Mill via Westbury are shown in a separate section of this document below.

Monday to Friday

The following significant changes apply:

• New 0550 Exeter St David’s to Waterloo (0619 Honiton starting back at Exeter) calling additionally at Exeter


• 0644 Exeter to Waterloo runs non-stop Andover to Waterloo with additional 0853 Salisbury to Waterloo service to cover intermediate stops. The 0644 Exeter to Waterloo service provides a headline journey time Salisbury to Waterloo of just 74 minutes;

• Salisbury to Waterloo stopping service retimed to depart Salisbury at xx.53 and calls Clapham Junction;

• 0718 Yeovil Junction to Exeter St David’s (0843) – new service;

• 0918 Gillingham to Waterloo starts Salisbury at 0953;

• 1053 Salisbury to Waterloo starts back from Yeovil Junction at 0930;

• 1253 Salisbury to Waterloo starts back from Yeovil Pen Mill at 1145;

• 1453 Salisbury to Waterloo starts back from Yeovil Pen Mill at 1345;

• New 0605 Waterloo to Exeter St David’s (0740 Salisbury to Waterloo starting back at Waterloo);

• 0722 Basingstoke to Gillingham withdrawn and replaced by an 0739 Southampton Central (via Romsey) to

Yeovil Pen Mill (0922) service which still provides a similarly timed school train between Salisbury, Tisbury and Gillingham;

• 0655 Waterloo to Salisbury – new service which allows current 0710 Exeter service to start later at 0724;

• 0755 Waterloo to Salisbury – is extended to Yeovil Pen Mill;

• 0855 Waterloo to Salisbury is extended to Yeovil Pen Mill (via Westbury);

• 0955 Waterloo to Salisbury is extended to Yeovil Junction;

• 1155 Waterloo to Salisbury is extended to Yeovil Pen Mill;

• 1255 Waterloo to Yeovil Junction (via Westbury) terminates at Salisbury;

• 2026 Exeter St David’s to Basingstoke is extended to Waterloo;

• 2055 Waterloo to Salisbury – new service;

• 2125 Waterloo to Yeovil Junction is extended to Exeter St David’s calling at Crewkerne, Axminster, Honiton,

Feniton, Cranbrook, Pinhoe, Exeter Central and Exeter St David’s;

• 2155 Waterloo to Salisbury – new service;

• 2225 Waterloo to Salisbury is extended to Gillingham (and on Fridays to Yeovil Junction); and

• 2255 Waterloo to Salisbury – new service.


The Saturday train service follow the off-peak weekday service with Waterloo – Salisbury stopping services extended to Yeovil Junction on a two-hourly basis.


On Sundays, the frequency is broken down into:

• Sunday Mornings – hourly Waterloo-Exeter service; and

• Sunday Afternoons – hourly Exeter service, hourly Waterloo – Salisbury service.

Unlike the current service the Waterloo – Salisbury service will serve all stations between Basingstoke and Salisbury and the Exeter train will only call at Andover.


Waterloo to Bristol and Yeovil via Westbury

Monday to Friday

The existing Bristol service will continue to operate with the following additional service:

• 1625 Waterloo to Bristol TM (1911);

• 2000 Bristol TM to Salisbury (2115) connects into 2125 Salisbury to Waterloo (2255); and

• Some services will call additionally at Dilton Marsh.

Services between Yeovil and Waterloo via Westbury are revised and the following will operate:

• 0648 Yeovil Pen Mill to Waterloo (0944);

• 1042 Yeovil Junction to Waterloo (1341);

• 1646 Yeovil Junction to Waterloo (1942);

• 1928 Yeovil Pen Mill to Waterloo (2224);

• 2128 Yeovil Pen Mill to Salisbury (2246);

• 0855 Waterloo to Yeovil Pen Mill (1138); and

• 1725 Waterloo to Yeovil Pen Mill (2012).


The same level of service as currently provided will continue.



The same level of service as currently provided will continue.

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  1. Mrs Diana Pow
    5 November 2017 at 10:09 pm — Reply

    Faster trains and more services from Gillingham is good news. I use Clapham Junction a lot and it is not unusual to have to stand to Andover so more services beyond Salisbury are differently needed.

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